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Food Prepared With Fetal Pollution

It’s a horrendous idea and it is occurring in cafés where staff neglects to wash hands after visits to the latrine. Individuals become ill from things like E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Campylobacter that are defiling food when it is dealt with, put away or seriously ready. Knowing this and keeping away from pollution of what we eat is something to be thankful for, however we don’t just devour food. This was clarified to me in a dream that makes me debilitated even to review.

One morning while at the same time getting dressed a scene showed up before my eyes that showed various moves flawlessly cooked in oil. They were brilliant earthy colored prepared to eat when a hand unexpectedly scooped them out with an opened spoon. They were unloaded into a latrine loaded with human excreta and the parcel cooked together. The hand got back with the spoon and dished the items onto plates held out by a gathering of exceptionally hungry beneficiaries.

Being profound and used to dreams showing me stuff the Soul was utilizing to show me I asked and argued for a solution to what the sight implied. It was three weeks before the response was given. Told to get the holy book it opened in my grasp at Ezekiel 4:10-13 and I read about the food the Offspring of Israel are eating that is heated with excrement that comes from man. What they are eating is the holy book.

Headed to investigate how the good book became and who contributed to it the craving to know drove me like a train heading through a woodland where the trees separated to permit the track to be found. That drove me back in time through numerous social orders and practices to find the beginning of religion combined with language. On and on the images of advanced love were found in antiquated social orders of sun love.

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